An Ode to the Home

Our intentional approach is designed to offer new and vintage furniture that inspires curiosity within your home.


Roweam is a luxury furniture brand whose heirloom custom furniture pieces evoke a sense of simple nostalgia. Inspired by the minds of designers, crafted by the hands of artisans, and sourced with leading industry expertise, our collection of new and true vintage is more than what is new and now. It's a tangible experience that inspires a lifetime of comfort.

Adorning life with handmade details.
Furniture is a gathering place and our curated collection is the conversation piece.
The Roweam Method

Part new vintage, part true vintage, our design method takes a gathered, authentic approach using well-constructed pieces complete with endless character, no matter their age. At Roweam, we believe character is a cornerstone of timeless interiors. We create pieces that are made to age and live through generations.

1. The Designer

Our process begins in the hands of the designer, where generations of experience are developed from a hand sketch and transformed by our engineering team. The intricacies are determined with the highest quality internals in mind, to ensure the longevity of every piece.

2. The Craftsman

It is then passed onto the craftsman to bring the art to life in form and frame. Hours are spent carving, sanding, assembling, and stitching with the touch of the human hand, then it's meticulously inspected for quality control on each and every detail.

3. The Maker

A final prototype is then passed to the makers hands to be produced, down to each minute detail. Hems, cords, stains, and stamps applied, and signed at every step.

4. The Steward

After each finishing touch is perfected and the finest quality assured, it's wrapped and packaged with thoughtful preparation.

5. The Patron

Once carefully placed inside your home, you become its custodians. Created with love and aged by a life well lived.

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