The Bromley Collection

The Bromley Collection

A sofa made for Sunday morning reading and naps by the fireplace.

The Conception

A couch should be focused on comfort. How does it feel when you sit on it? Is it comfortable to lay on? Does the pitch of the back support your body? Every sofa performs differently, but the single issue we’re always trying to solve for is the challenge of finding a sofa that looks good and allows for Sunday afternoon naps.

One that doesn’t strain your neck or crush your arms. One that allows you to open a good book with a cup of tea and zen out to some classic jazz. A sofa that gently allows your book to whisk you into the perfect afternoon slumber. 

And that's how the Bromley sofa was born. 

Antiques and vintage designer pieces are the backbone of our design business. An appreciation for their beauty if so deeply ingrained in our heritage. We appreciate the subtle beauty of a perfectly sculpted chair arm or the patina of vintage velvet, it gets us every time.

If you know us, you know we’re romantics. We crave a feeling of connection between people and their homes. Our furniture becomes part of that story. We're always giving a little piece of our hearts in every Roweam product.

The Inspiration

“I have a love for the organs of a classic DeSede Swiss quality product. Their attention to stitching details and quality makes me swoon.”- Blair Moore, Founder of Roweam



The Bromley Sofa

Close up of brutalist style Bromley Ottoman in cigar fabric.

The Bromley Ottoman

The Collection

A grounded base creates strong pieces that handle generations of wear. These pieces were created with families in mind. Outfitted with exceptional internals and outside upholstery, hand-pulled natural webbing and inside upholstery, these pieces pass through the hands of dozens of craftsmen, each with a lifetime worth of knowledge. 


The Process

We design a little differently. We start with initial sketches and developments of the details, but where we really excel is when we're sitting side by side with our artisans and craftsmen. Ideas grow and begin to formulate with the touch our hands. It is, and will always be, a key part of our process.  

When an artist and artisan work side by side, there's something magical about the way a piece takes shape. It doesn’t come from 3D modeling; it's formulated by years of instincts melding together win a spirit of true collaboration. 

From concepts to framing, turning to stitching, quilting to down, and fabrication to upholstery finishing, there are thousands of hours, from the concept to the final quality approval, before our team launches a new piece. 

Why You? 

After thousands of hours crafting our first Bromley Sofa, we made one for for our Coasters’ Chance project in Maine. After countless hours working or relaxing with a glass of wine and a good book later, we still agree that this is the most comfortable sofa we've ever made. The perfect pitch, the perfect fill, the perfect depth.

“The flexibility in design as well as the level of comfort is what makes this sofa key to a life well lived.” - Blair Moore, Founder of Roweam

One of our guiding principles at Roweam is creating pieces that are made to age. A lifetime of memories made on a well-loved sofa. 

Blair Moore
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