The Pavillion Collection

The Pavillion Collection

Sweet lines and stately presence.

The Conception :

Our Pavilion Collection is all about delicate touches. The collection was originally inspired by our Pavillion Apartment project. We envisioned the classic wingback with a twist, accentuating the swayed lines, contouring the arms, and adding flair to the base with french bouillon.

Sleek lines and delicate finesse are the main focus. With hand pulled natural webbing and a meticulous upholstery process, each chair is unique. Master upholsterers hand-pull the fabric to sculpt the interior back, giving the chair its unique shaping and lumbar support that keeps you sitting pretty.


The Inspiration :

Inspired by the thousands of chairs we’ve sat on that weren't quite a fit. Our Pavillion chair is everything you need to dive into a full day of reading.


The Collection : 

A love of all things masculine and feminine, this piece combines the best of both. For anyone who loves fringe, this piece is a gateway to designing with fringe-making it feel modern and playful all at the same time.


The Pavillion Chair


The Pavillion Chair

 The Process :

“Our aim was to create an amalgamation of English classic high society style with an Italian mid-century drama for an American audience. This is our staple piece that redefines mid-century and transports you back in time” - Blair Moore, Founder of Roweam. 


Why You?

Because sometimes you just need a good accent chair that’s as comfortable as she is beautiful. A sophisticated and growing collection, this chair is the first of many complementary pieces to come.

Blair Moore
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