Sabi Collection

Sabi Collection

Designed with a woman in mind. Strong but graceful.

A monolithic approach to classic comfort, our Sabi sectional blends everyday living with refined style.  

“Designed with a woman in mind. Strong but graceful."

Our vision for the Sabi Collection is classic feminine poise. A clean line of tailored upholstery, simply and elegant. Drawing inspiration from the seamless fusion of strength and femininity, the Sabi embodies a symphony of grace and allure.



Each contour is thoughtfully crafted to reflect the fluid elegance of a woman's shoulder and neckline, inviting admiration and allure with every glance. 

The arm height, is expertly tailored to elevate the luxury of lounging. Layered with the finest soft down, the back beckons you to sink into its embrace, promising repose and relaxation. Below, a padded plinth base glides along the floor, commanding attention with understated grandeur. An invitation of embrace, a call to linger. A modest frame with a stately presence, the Sabi was made for cherishing memories and making space for life’s simple moments.


The Harvard Divinity Desk


NBL Coffee Table


Constructed from premium cotton and down, the Sabi showcases a seamless tight back with added comfort in the arms and a removable bench seat cushion for double the durability. This sturdy sectional offers a perfect balance of support and plushness for maximum comfort. Featuring an 8-way hand-tied suspension with down and feather fill, the Sabi has undergone 54 iterations to perfect the ultimate seating experience. Handmade at every stage by skilled artisans who proudly sign each element of their work, this sectional is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship.


Designed with families in mind, the Sabi Sectional is built to withstand the demands of everyday living.

Blair Moore
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The Bromley Sofa in our crema fabric.

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